Free Time!


Free time. Hm… what if you have free time to do things you want and things you don’t want to do? And when I say free time, I mean a time where you can have a year of vacation! YES!!! You have all the resources you need which include, high-speed internet, high-end gadgets, unlimited gas for your stove, unlimited Netflix, but, I know you’re waiting for it, the cons. Well, you don’t have a car so that means you can only stay at home and you don’t have enough cash to spend on things you wanna buy. Are you in for that type of vacation?

Hell YEAH! And yes, I was up for that type of vacation.

So what am I doing with this free time that God Almighty has given to me? A lot actually. Like writing this blog for instance. I could never write a blog or create a website if I did n’t have this free time. I love singing so I sang a lot in my Smule account. I love cooking and baking so I have succeeded and failed many times but do not regret it. I love playing games and the fact that I have these high-end devices is like heaven to me though they said it rots your brain. Believe it or not, I ever thought this day will come. I think Santa is real.

But having so much free time sometimes is not fun. Because having too much time makes your brain wander. Makes you think of your future and makes you think of things like, “what the hell am I doing?”. It will shout at you and tell you things like you’re lazy, dumb, and worthless because you just have free time but you’re not earning money. But why does my brain talk shit like this? Let me give you an idea.

I am hardworking and been employed right after I graduated from college. Since then, I’ve been helping my family financially. I’m socially active too and been to a lot of family, friends and community events when I was in the Philippines. I also had the opportunity to travel to some provinces, have enough to dine in fancy restaurants and have enough so that I can buy things I like.

But you know what, when I look back at it, it just makes me feel like I’m taking this time-off for granted and it doesn’t make me feel good inside. I should definitely appreciate this time in my life where I don’t need to worry about getting up so early in the morning to go to work. I don’t need to look good so that I can please a customer. I don’t need to meet my metrics by selling service plans. And also, I will not be so grumpy when I get home because I got stuck in a traffic jam. Now that I wrote it down, I feel a lot better. There’s indeed a lot of things that I need to thank for by having this time off. I guess sometimes you really need to write it down so you can be reminded of how lucky you are.

Since I had this time off, I learn how to use photoshop, sony vegas, created a website, write blogs, reached 23,000 followers in Smule (click here if you want to sing with me and so that I can sing with you too -> ND_Jheqie), made reaction videos. Hm… I accomplished a lot. Good job, dear sir. *tap on the back.* Now I know why they called me “The Achiever” when I was in high school.

And yes, I deserve this break and I have one guy to thank for. My incredible husband. He’s a great adviser for sure and an amazing mentor.

I guess the lesson I want to share is that if you have this time off in your life, appreciate it. Treat it as a gift from the universe so you can learn new things and not take it for granted. Use this opportunity to try new things and seriously, this is the time to experiment. Take more risk and be brave to make mistakes because you are the boss of your own company. You don’t need approval from anyone else and you don’t have anyone to boss you around too! Isn’t that awesome?!?

Yes, you’re free to be lazy. Lay in your bed all day if that’s what you feel like doing but when you feel sad or lonely, do something different or perhaps continue the things that kept you busy. You are the creator of your own destiny. Make the most out of it.


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