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Wazzup everyone! Yeah, that’s how I always start my reaction video when I was on the hype of making one. Yup, isa ako sa kanila and I got to admit, it was fun until one day…

This is not click bait, okay? I just want to share my experience sa paggawa ng reaction videos. Honestly, I really want to make reaction videos kahit nung nasa pinas pa ako but the internet connection there sucks big time! Like seriously. Maswerte ka kung makanood ka ng YouTube in HD or makapaglaro ng Mobile Legends without any lag or *LOG (LOL! Kahoy gaming). So, I said to myself, gagawa ako ng reaction videos when I get to America which I did and I sure learn so many things about it.

If you ever have plans of doing a reaction video or maging isang “reactionist” (please don’t use that term because there’s no such thing as “REACTIONIST” but it’s in Urban Dictionary), you need to be ready to provide constructive criticism, be very polite, attentive, confident, entertaining and a lot more. Hindi pwedeng basta basta ka lang manonood ng video and comment on it. DUH, everyone can comment on a video! That’s the fuckin internet unless of course wala silang YouTube account that I doubt coz everyone who owns an android phone should have a YouTube account.

Anyways, I started making reaction videos siguro late March of 2018. I started with one video to test the water kumbaga and I thought it would be cool if I included my teddy bear. It was acceptable at first until people start asking “Why is there a teddy bear?”. Kahit ako nawirdohan na after so I cut him off the camera. Of course, I don’t know how to make reaction videos at first so syempre I researched and the next thing I know, I am filming my very first reaction video. Basically you will need a webcam or a phone, headsets/earphones, and your PC. Some make it a lot easier by recording only on their mobile phones but you won’t get the chance to edit your video or something. When I said editing, yung paglalagay ng mga extra on your video like the “follow, subscribe or like” or other social media sites where people can follow you.

I almost got a thousand subscriber because of the videos I made but then I ask myself, why am I doing this? What am I really benefiting from making this reaction videos?

I reacted to several musicians like SoHyang, Dimash, Julie Ann San Jose, KZ Tandingan, etc. But still I don’t know what I am achieving so I tried to write down the pros and cons myself and this is only my opinion, okay?! This might not even be applicable to everyone but I’m pretty sure some will be able to relate.

Let’s start with the CONS.

  1. Copyright policies – Yes. The copyright is frustrating! Some of the videos I made that I spend time with were actually blocked worldwide due to copyright policies so basically, walang makakanood non but me. It’s such a pain in the ass BUT, you can’t blame them. I watched another YouTuber with a YouTube channel called “I Hate Everything” where he talks about “Reaction Videos” or the so-called “reactionist”. Alam na, since his youtube channel’s name is I hate everything, he hated channels that make reactions videos. Why? Well there’s a lot of reasons. These people who make reaction videos are actually stealing content. How? By reacting to it! Like seriously. That opened my mind a little because it’s true! So he creates original content on his channel then, these “reactionist” will react to it and ultimately gain profit out of it. That will be frustrating, irritating and really disrespectful if you ask me. So I want you to put yourself in his shoes and tell me how’d you feel.
  2. Your inputs matter – This is what I’m talking about when I said you need to be polite, know how to make constructive criticism, etc. because everything that you will say can be used against you! Believe it or not, some of these people who make reaction videos only say the good stuff and might even be afraid of saying how they really feel. Kasi once you say something negatively about the artist, ay pupusta ako, gulo yan! People actually watch your videos kasi they want to hear positive feedback from you on their idol. FBE is one of the most popular channel in this industry and seriously, they are not afraid to say if they don’t like what they hear. I like them a lot and I’m not being biased or anything. I just think that they are genuine especially the kids because kids don’t lie. So if ever you want to dive into this kind of trend, be my guess.
  3. Know what you’re doing – Okay, this might be a little serious or maybe I just don’t know what term or title I will use. LOL! I mean you need to be familiar with the type of video you’re going to react to or at least have some musical background or maybe a movie geek. Let’s say you want to react to a singer, what do you know about singing? What do you know about G5’s or head tones, sharps or high notes’ note? If you’re reacting to videos of a commercial, an ad or a trailer, how much of a movie geek are you? I don’t know if that matters but for me, I think it does. Dapat may validation tayo if that person you’re watching is entitled to even judge another person’s content. I like the fact that there are vocal coaches reacting to these singers. At some level, I believe they have the rights to make reaction videos so they can provide their professional insights about a singer or these movie geeks who I guess have already seen the lowest rated movies to the highest rated movies of all time.

Now let’s talk about the PROS. I just want to start it with the CONS so we know there’s a rainbow at the end of that tunnel.

  1. Learning Technology – Honestly, I don’t know how I can make a reaction video. I thought that you just need a webcam, a phone or a PC to do it but was wrong. You need more than that so I research and found out that there are ways to make it. Let me break it down to you.
  • PC’s webcam, a headset and a video editing software called Sony Vegas. This is my first attempt to make a reaction video. For this, you also need a YouTube video downloader like YTD Video Downloader so you can download videos from YouTube that you want to react to.
  • A mobile phone as a video recorder and your PC – This is my second option for a clearer video quality of myself. The webcam is able to record 1080P but the quality is still really poor unlike sa phone that has 24 megapixel. Panalo sya promise. And of course you still need the Sony Vegas to edit your video. Some used Adobe Premier but I find it a bit complex.
  • OBS or Open Broadcast Software  – This is the best option so far because it’s the easiest way to react to videos. One day I’ll make a video for it so I can show how it works. The only time you’ll need to use a video editing software for it is if you want to add extra stuff on your reaction videos or basically just editing it.
  1. Subscribers – I think the best way for you to have a lot of subscribers is to make reaction videos. Like SERIOUSLY! You can count on me on that. I almost got a thousand but I know that I can get more if I continued doing reaction videos. When I reacted to Dimash, that’s the time that my channel bloomed so if you want a lot of subscribers, go na!
  2. Friends – If you are funny, entertaining enough and polite, some people want to be your friend so I guess you can gain friends when making reaction videos.
  3. Thinking positively – For some reason, making reaction videos can turn you into an optimistic person because you will constantly think of ways to say positive things to the person you’re reacting to. Unless your channel’s name is I Hate Everything. 😀
  4. Making other people happy – Yes it is true. You can make people really happy with your reaction videos. As I mentioned earlier, they want to hear good things about their idol and that makes them happy. It makes me happy too and even told my partner before that this, “I guess my mission was to make people happy. Be their voice, have the same reaction they have when they listen to their idols”. So I am extremely sorry to all the subs that I have because I may not make any reaction videos anymore.


There it is. I guess I don’t have anything to add and if I do, edit ko nalang tong post ko. LOL! At the moment, I stopped making reaction videos or let’s say I quit. My husband doesn’t want me to but I don’t see any future for me in this type of industry. I would rather make videos where people can learn something from me. Educational kumbaga coz I don’t think making reaction videos is my forte. It’s a great adventure, really, and I’m surprised how much people like seeing my face when I’m reacting to Dimash hitting high notes or how amazing SoHyang is everytime she sings. OMG, I can even feel it while I’m typing. From the bottom of my heart, I wanna thank everyone who commented, subscribed and joined me in this journey.

Once again, Jheqie here and I’ll see you around. Peace out!


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