What is a God Parent?

baby-baptism-child-38999This is the first Christmas na wala ako sa Pinas and this might be my longest post ever so forgive me. Heads up, this goes out to everybody. Generalizing in other words.

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately and trying to figure out my role as a godfather to my inaanaks, like seriously. I remember sabi ni father while binibinyagan si baby, “kayong mga ninong/ninang, gabayan nyo ang mga inaanak nyo. You will be their second parent so be a good example.” And then it hits me.

I realized that I don’t want these kids to only remember me when it’s Christmas. But also remember that I can be their mentor or their life coach. I want them to see me as a person whom they can run to for moral support, life advices as well as encouragement and not just someone who gives money or gifts during the holiday season.

So yung mga ninong/ninang dyan, wag nyong hayaan na giving gifts during Christmas lang ang papel nyo sa buhay ng mga inaanak nyo and of course this does not apply to everyone. (Kaya nga generalizing so wag magalit) You were also chosen because the parent believes that you can guide their kid while they’re growing up so parents, let your son/daughter hangout with their ninong/ninang even when it’s not Christmas lalo na pag malaki na sila so they can get to know more about them.

Kapag lumabas kayo, it doesn’t necessarily mean na si ninong/ninang na ang gagastos. Pasko padin kahit June na? Lol! 🤣 Kidding aside, it would be best if we don’t do that because you are encouraging your kid na when he see his ninong/ninang, ay libre! Keep in mind that hanging out is a way of building a foundation of trust so that when your kid eh nasa stage na ng puberty or teen or may jowa problems, they can always go to that other person they trust. (Again, generalizing)

I also hope that we can omit the word “utang” if you are referring to financial support. Dude, pwedeng madaming pera si ninong or si ninang nung kinuha mo sya sa binyag. Kaso nalugi negosyo, wala kita, ubos pera *chinchansu accent. Edi waley na. Di kana nya ninong. Haha! Charot! 🤣 But if you want to say “utang” and what you mean by that is “spending time together”, that’s much better. Like that’s way so much better!

I almost forgot, ninong/ninang or godparents, take time to ask about your inaanaks too. Like how are they doing, how’s school or even ask them what do they want to be when they grow up. Sometimes the problem why there’s no connection is we fail to even say “hi” so we can’t blame the parents kung bakit tuwing Christmas mo lang nakikita inaanak mo. Christmas is coming so I think it’s time to reach out. I’ll do the same in just a bit. 🤪

Whew, dami ko kuda, haha! I guess when you have so much free time and life realization, madami ka masasabi. Again, this is not to offend anybody who had the time to read this post.

Peace out! Lablab! ❤️


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