SMULE Gifting and how it works

How do you show your appreciation to your favorite Smule singer? By hearting/liking their music video, sharing it to your friends and family or by giving them these cute animated GIFs or stickers as a gift?

Today we’re gonna be talking about the “gifting” options on Smule and let’s find out of this is worth the hype.

Smule just recently released, “gifting” and VIP gifting, where you can give “gifts” in a form of a cute animated gif stickers or this new, that I am actually excited about, giving the user a 5 day VIP access for only $7.99. This is honestly amazing as the singers felt valued and appreciated for what they do. BUT is there anything here that we’re missing?

It’s nice to know that people appreciate what you do. Most especially if you are trying to join a contest that you spent a week to finish, singing your heart out that the song almost made you cry, putting on some crazy costume or belting out the highest note you ever heard.

Before you even get the chance to have these cute stickers as a gift, you need to buy them first. Not with points, though I wish it is. The cheapest would be $0.99 that will give you 100 coins and the most expensive one is around $99.99 that gives you 14,000 coins. Whoa, hello rich kid.

They also have a sticker design contest and if you win, you get 500 coins. That’s a great deal of you ask me as it will challenge your creativity. 500 coins is $4.99 so basically they will pay you back with coins and the good thing about it is that your sticker will be there forever and people can use it to give gifts to other Smulers. Also, I feel like it’s too saturated now as they have a lot of stickers to choose from. Here are all the available stickers you can give to your friends.

Actually, the stickers makes the Smulers happy and that includes me. And that’s because I feel appreciate. I feel love and feels like I did something amazing. It’s better to give than to take but thanks for the stickers!

At the same time, I am also using an app called StarMaker which is also a karaoke app, but more. 😛 I know you saw this coming but I will make a separate review about this app on a different video so hold your horses. The reason why I brought this up is because they also have gifting options BUUUUT the main difference is that it is convertible to coins or diamonds! You heard me, the gift you’re receiving from viewers can be converted to coins or diamonds that you can use to buy yourself some diamonds then you will use that diamond to buy some stickers. I’m not an active user of this app but for the time that I’ve used it, like last year, I earn $0.33 and when I reached a certain amount, I can convert this to diamond so I can buy myself some stickers. And I think real cash. Not super duper sure about it yet.

Do you get my point here? Receiving that cute sticker is so much fun, I don’t have anything against it but I hope I can at least get some points from receiving stickers then use it to buy some stickers myself and so that I can give some stickers to others. The stickers look cute on my profile but honestly, what else does it do? In the future, I would like to see these stickers do something more than just a sticker. I’m proposing that the receiver of the sticker gets some points, then use that points to buy some stickers so they can give the gifts back to the people. I know, I know, if you don’t have coins, you can use the free ones but I hope some of you get my point. Or better, gather enough stickers that they can exchange it for a VIP Access.

Moving on, the best gifting option they introduced is the VIP gifting. Basically, an admirer, a friend, a family member or a fan can give you VIP all access for 5 days. This is very sweet and a gift that all of us can definitely appreciate. At first, I don’t know why there’s a gift box on users profile who isn’t VIP, now I figured that it’s because you can give them a gift of having VIP for a couple of days. SWEEET.

This will also encourage non-VIP users to go buy or subscribe to SMULE’s yearly plan as soon as they realized and experience the benefits of having a VIP account.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of having VIP and wants to get tips on how to get more followers, please click on the card right there.

That’s all that I can say about the “gifting” options for the Smule app. I love Smule and this is my go-to app whenever I am down and when I’m super stress out and when I just don’t have any other things to do. Singing is my life aside from drawing. If you have any questions, violent reactions or comments about the gifting, please do write it down on the comment section below coz I would love to hear your opinion about it.

Once again this is Jheqie and of course, I myself have my own Smule account.

Is there anything that I missed? Feel free to leave a comment down below. You guys have a wonderful day and just keep singing!

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