Things to do in America

Today, I will share you some of the things I did while I’m waiting for my Employment ID and my 2-year Green Card. For an immigrant like me, hindi ako pwedeng basta basta magwork dito without it because if you did, it means you’re working illegally and it can seriously affect your immigration status so please don’t risk it. I had mine a year after because of some financial issues but usually, if you apply as early as you arrived here in the states, it can be completed as early as 3-4 months.

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This topic may not be related to all of you but some of the things I will show you may also be useful to your everyday life.
Let’s go straight to the list.

  • Talk to your family members.
    Talk to your family members at home. May mga times na maaring magiyakan kayo pero natural lang yun. In due time, mababawasan yung lungkot at mapapalitan ito ng excitement. Don’t forget to talk to your partner or kung sino man ang kasama mo sa America. It’s important that they know how you feel para they also know how to help you. Don’t keep your mouth shut and always say what’s in your mind. The more silent you are, the more na hindi ka nila matutulungan.
  • Volunteering.
    I have never volunteered my entire life, just this once and I love it. I worked as a volunteer at a pet shelter near me called Saint Sofia’s Forgotten Felines. There, I clean the cat room, feed the cats, scoop the litter, and play with them afterwards. It’s also an ideal place to make new friends. Everyone out there is very nice and somebody even gave me a bike so I can just bike there when I’m schedule to clean. You can also foster a cat and they will give you all the supplies you need to take good care of that cute feline. I fostered Oppie, who has now been adopted by a loving family. 2 kittens that completely wrecked our apartment but I’m not mad about it, and nutty that we eventually adopted because he became a part of our small family now.
  • Joining a choir.
    Churches are abundant in this country and they are always looking for people who want’s to be a part of their choir. I tried, I got scheduled but I never had the time to sing or join them. The church is nearby and I can simply use my bike to go there but the schedule for practice and mass is a complete conflict to me being a housewife. Lol. I still want to put it on this list so you have options.
  • Mastering your cooking skills.
    Since you’re just at home and do not have a job at this point, you might also be in the process of trying to save money by making your own food. America is a great place to become the MasterChef you always wanted to be. You can find all the ingredients you always wanted to use. Some of them maybe expensive but trust me, eating outside is expensive-r. Lol! You can also try baking so pag namiss mo ung pandesal, you can just simply make one yourself.
  • Find a community where you belong.
    Filipinos are everywhere so if you get really, really lonely, try to find a Filipino community near you. You can either join a group in Facebook, like pinoy’s abroad, k1 visa groups, Filipino’s in whatever state you’re at, mga ganun. I tried to look for a Filipino community near me but I can’t seem to find any. It’s actually kind ’a weird kasi even if ang dami kong nakikitang pinoy dito, they will say hi but not to the point where they want to be friends with you. That is not always the case for sure but I know that whoever is watching this can relate to what i’m saying. I hope we can cut the saying “don’t trust your kapwa pinoys” because in real life, you shouldn’t trust anyone you meet for the first time kahit ano pang lahi nyan but you need to put a space in your heart to get to know that person, be friends with them and eventually form a bond long enough so that you can trust them. Gets?
  • Practice your English communication skills.
    Whatever country you are at, practice your communication skills. In my case, I’m in America so I practice talking in English most especially before I get a job. I still have a lot of things to learn with regards to the english language kasi even now, hindi ko padin masyadong maintindihan ung mga kawork ko. Lol! Pag nagkkwentuhan kami, hindi ako masyadong makasabay. Minsan ang naririnig ko lang, jsadlghlsghjsahjsah. Hahahha! Anyways, you can always read a book, write a book or use an app called OpenTalk. OpenTalk is an app that will let you talk to people who are also working on improving their communication skills. Most of the people I talked to were from the middle east, some Filipinos and from Europe! Taray diba? It’s a great platform to make friends but please tell your partner that you are using the app to improve your communication skills para hindi sila magtaka kung sino kausap mo. Give it a try!
  • Go for a walk or exercise.
    Going for a walk or getting familiar with your area is highly recommended! It’s like hitting two birds in one stone. You get to exercise and keep your mind at peace. Before I got a job, I always walk in the morning or before sunset. It helps me relax and seriously, it’s always nice to go outside and take a break from your comfortable couch. I would go to a park and feed ducks and luckily, hindi pa nila ako hinahabol. There’s that one time though that they were so close to me. I didn’t run kasi feeling ko mas hahabulin nila ako. They are the asong gala of America! Hahaha!
    If you can’t go for a walk, exercise at home. Use apps to keep you on track or watch YouTube videos to guide your exercise routines. During winter I can’t go for a walk so I watch this video called “walk 1 mile” at home. If you like to dance to sweat, watch Zumba or just dance videos and just copy what they’re doing. Ewan ko lang kung di ka pagpawisan.
  • Singing. Ever since I was a kid, mahilig na talaga akong kumanta. Hindi man ako professional singer, I think nahasa ko naman ang skill na to. For the longest time na wala akong work, singing is my ultimate salvation kaya naman I made a video about smule. Smule is a karaoke app that will let you sing with other people around the world. Nung nirelease nila ung livejam, saktong andito na ako sa states. I think mga July ata ng 2018 yun. I met a lot of people in this app at naging super close friends ko pa sila.
  • Drawing. I am drawing since I was a kid but it stopped when I became an adult. But now that I had that free time, I used it to enhance my drawing skills. I am doing my best to continuously grow as an artist and if you want to check out more of my recent artwork, feel free to visit my other channel, Jheqie’s Art Box.
  • Create a podcast. Creating a podcast is also a great way to share your stories and the way to do it is extremely easier than making a youtube video. This list has been posted on my podcast channel “Let’s make chicka with jheqie” but I haven’t made any podcast for at least 2 months now. I am not abandoning that channel though. I’ll post new contents on that channel soon coz my husband wants to do a podcast with me. Haha!
  • And finally, making this YouTube channel. I was never really serious on growing this channel but for some reason, I start feeling motivated and encourage to show what I can really do as a content creator. And from the bottom of my heart, thanks everyone. So yeah, make a YouTube channel coz making one is definitely easy as making a Facebook account. Do you already have contents on your channel? Let me know so I can subscribe to your channel as well.

There you have it guys! These are the things you can do during your free time. Watching Netflix or playing games is also an option but I did not include it on my list because I would rather share things that can enhance or improve your lifestyle and creativity.

Thanks for watching this video and I hope you have a wonderful day! Stay safe! ❤

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