HuPro Ultrasonic Cool & Warm Mist Humidifier Review

Today, we are reviewing the Premium Ultrasonic Cool & Warm Mist humidifier. Why am I reviewing it? The answer is simple. I can’t find any reviews on YouTube! So, let’s go ahead and get on with the full review. You can also check my YouTube vide review @

The reason why we got ourselves a humidifier is because during winter, our skin gets so dry and itchy. I heard a lot of amazing benefits of having a humidifier most especially when its cold so I search for days to find the perfect humidifier for our home. We have been using this product for 5-6 months now and here’s what I got to say.

This HuPro humidifier has a 4-liter water tank that can cover up to 500 sq. ft. and last up to 30 hours using the lowest settings and of course refills in between. The other cool thing about this humidifier is the essential oil diffuser, this oil tray right here, where you can put few drops or more of your favorite essential oil leaving your room smelling fresh! Out of the box, it comes with 2 sponges and this brush that you can use to clean your humidifier.
This humidifier also has a built-in humidity monitor gauge so you can easily determine if your room has too much humidity or not.

The HuPro Premium Ultrasonic Cool and warm mist has an incredible durable built. It has a fancy, sleek, modern design with touch screen controls, that is very responsive making you feel you’re living in the 2030’s.. Lol!
If you don’t feel like standing up and touch the screen, a remote control is also included right out of the box. It’s kind of small so make sure you don’t loose it.

On the control panel, we have the turn-on and turn-off button, the speed slider which is very cool, the humidity button, basically you use this to set the humidity level you want for your room. For example, if you want the humidity to just be 50%, you set it up right here. It can go up to 80% and I think 80% is used for like plants or something. We also have the timer that can go up to 12 hours, and the option to use the warm mist. This is also the button you press to ionize the mist. I never used it that much as well as the warm mist but I’ll let you know the difference once I do.

The thing that I love the most about this humidifier is that it has this large bucket where you pour your water and see, it’s detachable making it easy for you to refill. Let’s say you use tap water, you can just bring this to the sink and fill it up. If you’re using distilled water like me, I can just open the lid and start pouring water on it. Inside, you don’t need to worry about what parts should not get wet because there’s none. This long tower right here is designed to protect the machines that are not water proof. I saw some other brands that has warnings on it that says, “avoid getting wet” or something, but this does not have any coz it’s already protected from water.

I hope you can see how much mist this thing is making! Once the water level is low, it will automatically turn off and you will see a water droplet sign right here.

Cleaning this product is super easy as well. You bring it to your sink, making sure it’s not plugged in to any power socket. Measure a cup of vinegar, then pour it in the bucket. Leave this for 5 mins. Take the bucket out and pour the water out leaving some of the vinegar mixture at the bottom. Then, you can use the brush to remove any debris.. Once done, just dump it all out and wash it at least 3 times or as soon as you don’t smell the vinegar. Dis-infecting it is also easy. Measure 1 tbsp. of bleach and combine it to 1 liter of water. Pour it in the bucket, leave it for 5 mins and you’re done!
Btw, there’s a sign there that says “pour here” so you know, that is where you pour the water out. Paulit ulit. 😀

Just some quick reminders.
Do not put directly on varnished, painted, and n wooden surfaces as it can be damaged by the moisture. If you don’t have any choice, at least put a plastic mat or other substitute to avoid moisture condensation. Keep away from electronic appliances as well as it can damage it because this produce humidity, and humidity is water. So, water galore!

This product is not essential but it’s highly recommended for people who get’s dry and irritated skin during the cold season, like me! I do love this humidifier and it’s definitely a great investment for us. If there’s anything that I miss or if you have any question, please leave a comment down below.

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