How to look for a JOB in America

Looking for a job in America is a bit different than looking for a job in the Philippines. You can possibly get a job by walking inside a store or a company and ask if they are hiring but most of the time, you need to apply online. Actually, after you enter the store or the company that you want to apply to, they will ask you to visit their website or hand you a card with a QR code that will lead you to a website where you need to fill-out a form, like a resume. Honestly, this is where you’ll realize they never really read the resume you uploaded but I guess it is what it is. There are times where you don’t even need to apply if you know someone who work in the company who sent you there as a recommendation. But im guessing that’s just for small businesses. By the way, if you haven’t see the YT video, here’s the link —- >


Important reminders:
Since I’m an immigrant, I can’t just go inside a company or sit in front of my computer and start sending resumes to all the job I’m interested in, course I need an authorization employment card or a green card so I can work legally. From what I know, you don’t need an EAD to work if you already have your GC (Green Card) but I got both because the timeframe where the USCIS approve it is different. For EAD, usually it’s like 3-4 months while GC can take up to 6-8 months or even 12 months and that’s why most of the people that I know who also got here using a K1-Visa filed both EAD and AOS (Adjustment of Status) so they can work as soon as possible. Please please, do not attempt or even try to work under the table without any of this card or it will jeopardize your stay here in America. You can get kicked out of the country once malaman ng USCIS na you worked illegally so please, don’t. Just don’t.

What you need:
Once you are ready to look for a job, of course we need to have a resume. If your resume is still trapped on the early 2000’s where it still has an objective, your religion, your date of birth, zodiac sign, parents name, your place of birth, age and height, please remove it. I mean, that’s how my resume looks like before I try to apply for a job here. Lol! So, update your resume and just include the important details. The most recent school you attend to and if you have achievements, don’t hesitate to add it on that part. Your job experiences and of course that includes the company name and make a bullet of your job description para they have a glimpse of what you did on your previous job. It looks very neat and totally impressive. Like seriously!

Since you’re applying online, you need to find a website where you can look for a job and there’s a lot of options out there. Feel free to use whatever website you are most comfortable with. You can use Glassdoor, FlexJobs, LinkedIn, linkup or Indeed. The one I used it Indeed kasi I’m already familiar with it.
That’s all you need, sorry wait, you also need yourself and your confidence. Don’t ever feel nervous and treat it like you’re in your own country trying to get the job.

Once you have a website you want to use to look for a job, upload your resume there and you’ll be amaze how convenient this is. Because once you upload your resume there it made it visible to companies, you’re not the only who’s looking for a job, companies that find your skills, abilities or work experience will find you.

Once you’re in the website, just search for a company that fits your work experience. I’ve been in the customer service industry for almost 10 years now so I used that to my advantage. I would like to work as a call center agent but I’m already here in America where I can talk to Americans in person so I’d rather work on an environment where I can socialize with them. I also want something that is physically demanding, I don’t want to be sitting down all day again. I’ve been sitting for 7 years when I worked as an agent and another year just staying at home. The most popular search would be a cashier, a bagger, stock organizers, or a server. I can also use this as a work experience and maybe know more about Americans and how their culture is. Once you submitted your resume to all the job that meets your criteria, don’t forget to always check your email because that’s how they will contact you. Or via phone if you already have one.

How to nail your interview?
So let’s say you are scheduled for an interview, please practice at home and honestly, this could be the best tip that I can ever give to someone who’s looking for a job. If you don’t know the possible questions, you can use apps like interview preparations guides, possible questions to ask on a interview, etc. Luckily for me, I passed the first interview, then the second interview was just a formality. They also told me what department I will be placed so I have an idea when I hit the production floor. Guys, bring your a-game! Impress the interviewer for two reasons, you can get hired immediately and also, that where they will base how much your rate will be. The last question they asked me was, how much do you think your hourly will be? I told them, I would love to have an hourly rate that matches the set of skills I can bring to the company.

One of the most amazing difference when looking for a job here in America vs the Philippines is that you don’t need to go to NBI or get a cedula or barangay clearance to make sure you do not have any criminal records. They will do it for you. They will do a background check and you don’t need to pay anytihng! Amazeballs!

I currently work at a retail store, been here for 1 year and some months and yes, I do love and enjoy my job. I love talking to customers and the relationship of a customer and the employee is admireable. Everybody greets you and some would even start a conversation with you. It’s amazing and I hope we get to have this type of relationship in the Philippines because even if go to, let’s say, Seafood City, some employees are just there to serve you and that’s it. There’s no, hey how are you? Hey wazzup? Here, I’m free to give compliments to customers. Almost all the time, I would compliment a customer’s hair, tattoo, shirt, it’s a wonderful feeling kaya I think I am born to work as a customer service rep.

So yeah, this is how I found a job here in America. This may not be relevant now but I know that in the future, this video may help someone.

Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next blog.

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