Cheap Stores in America

YES! I do love shopping and shopping is addictive. The worst is that you can get broke by just going to Target or Kohls and it’s a good thing that I don’t really shop there. There are amazing alternatives out there that I wish I knew existed before I spent so much money on Goodwill. Wait, Goodwill is not bad but I’d like to buy stuff that are new and not used. In all fairness, Goodwill is the store to go to if you are looking for vintage, classic, and designer bags you can purchase for yourself or much better, sell on eBay for a higher price. I have seen a lot of people do this. Video posted on my YT channel as well. Click this —>

Anyways, Goodwill is not the store I want to focus on. I’m talking about Five Below, Ross – Dress for Less and Dollar Tree.

Let’s start with Five Below.

This could be one of my favorite store to go to as everything they sell is $5 below or beyond. The items they’re selling maybe be cheap but what can you expect, it’s $5! Not all items are $5, some of the special ones are $7 to $10 or even $15. Just like this Deep Massager that I got for $15 and the accessories that comes with a carrying case for $10. So in total, it’s still about $25 but still a lot cheaper than the ones offered on

Here are some other items that is available in-store.

Now let’s talk about Ross – Dress for Less.

This is another store that I love to visit especially when I’m shopping for kitchen appliances, pillows, pants for work, or blankets. I’m guessing the products they sell are products that doesn’t sell so much in stores so they try to price it at a discounted price just so people would buy it. Another reason why I go here is because there’s actually a lot of Filipinos shopping at this store. Most of the time, I would hear a couple or a family talking in Tagalog but we never really talk. I just like the feeling that there’s another Filipino in the store that it almost reminds me of shopping at SM Malls.

The last store I wanna talk about is the Dollar Tree.

Oh my, I was blown away the first time I ever went to the Dollar Tree because all of the items they are selling is for a dollar. From cleaning materials, shampoo, party needs, picture frames, kitchen tools, and many many more! The materials used are cheap so don’t expect the stuff you buy will last forever. But I would never spend $4 or more for dish soaps or ties for my hair. If you live in America, I know for a FACT that you already know this place but if you don’t know this place yet, well do what I do. STOP spending so much just to clean your house or apartment.

There you have it. These are the stores I visit when I don’t work and get the best deals using the extra money I have. Do you know other places that I should be visiting that sells cheap items? Let me know in the comments below.

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