I started playing the SIMS again and this happens…

I was in high school when I discovered this game called “The Sims”, and I was immediately drawn to it that I even skipped classes and used all my lunch money to play at a local gaming store. Eventually, we bought our desktop PC and, of course, got myself our very own copy of The Sims(1) with all the expansion that comes with it. From Unleashed, Livin’ Large, to Vacation and imagine how much it cost back then. Building my dream house, creating a virtual version of me, as well as playing a character I can never be, are perhaps the main reason why I enjoyed playing the game.

When adulthood hit me, I mean the time where responsibilities were thrown at me because I’m 18 years old, I stopped playing the game. The Sims 2, Sims 3, and ultimately, the Sims 4 came out but I ignored it. Aside from being busy with work and social life, I can’t find any reason to play the game because I’m sure I exhausted The Sims 1. Until I watched a YouTube video talking about the Sims 4 CC’s and MODS!

So when The Sims 4 was on sale for only $5, I opened my wallet, type the numbers down from my credit card, and purchased the game without any hesitation. And the best part is I downloaded tons of mods I never knew existed until the year 2020. That’s almost 20 years! So here are some mods that I found interesting that you might want to consider adding to your SIMS 4 gameplay.

  1. CAS Background

Are you tired of the plain boring background when you’re creating your Sims? Try adding a CAS Background! There’s a lot of options available via www.thesimsresource.com. You’ll be surprised how much it can change your gameplay in an instant.

2. Life’s Drama

I recently added this mod on my game to spice it up a little bit and I sure got a lot more than I expected! There are people fighting outside my house, there’s a person who is on fire (like literally on fire), an NPC fighting for no reason after they got married, some robbers, pick-pockets, and a lost child! The fact that random things can happen to the people in the neighborhood somewhat gives the game more realistic gameplay.

3. Slice of Life

Slice of Life is also another mod that you should add to your gameplay. It gives a more realistic approach to the game as you can manage your socials, go to the hospital for medicine or treatment, facial care, or even order food. It’s seriously a must-have!

4. Extreme Violence

The Extreme Violence mod is a type of mod that should be played with extra precaution. Because as the name itself, the game tends to be extremely brutal, bloody, and gruesome. I tried recording the gameplay of this mod so that I can post it on YouTube, but it’s too bloody. Plus, the way a sim kills another sim/NPC is not suitable for young audiences. Kids who are 16 years old and below should never try this mod at all, but if your 17 years old and above, WHY NOT? lol.

5. Life Tragedies

Life Tragedies is another violent mod you can try to give rage to your sims, and again, play at your own risk. Just like the Extreme Violence mod, this can be brutal. There are non-violent interactions you can try from both mods and luckily, these mods can be added to your game at the same time.

6. Wicked Whims

I’m 80% sure that you all know this mod *wink. Players who are of legal age are the only ones who can play this game for obvious reasons. This mod is almost like watching hardcore porn but, you have the power to control the characters. Isn’t that amazing? LOL! Anyways, animations for this mod are endless so, get yourself ready for some action!

7. Wonderful Whims

The Wonderful Whims is a family-friendly mod that you can add to your game. It includes risky Woohoo’s, birth control, sexually transmitted disease, menstrual cycle for more realistic gameplay for women, ability to choose what attracts your Sims the most, and other personality traits. But keep in mind that Wicked Whims and Wonderful Whims cannot go together, so choose the one that you think you’ll play the most. If you have kids, who are also playing the sims game on the same desktop or laptop, I suggest you keep the Wonderful Whims instead.

These are seven of the mods I currently have on my mods folder. And if you want me to try more mods in the future, please let me know in the comment section below. Have you tried any of the mods mentioned above? What is your most favorite mod you play with your Sims 4?

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