I got SIX more outfits!

I have completed all the outfits for my The Sims 4 Valorant Agents (girls) and I'm super duper proud of this! ❤ They aren't perfect but it's good enough to me. You can download the package by clicking at this ----LINK---- so you can use it on your own The Sims 4. Enjoy! BTW, I... Continue Reading →

Jett’s Clothes | Valorant

One of the games that I play is an FPS game called "Valorant" and I also play the game "The Sims 4". After learning that I can create my own garments for The Sims, I of course began recreating my own clothes so my Sims characters can cosplay. Here's what I come up with. This... Continue Reading →

Did McDonald’s do the right thing?

McDonald's struggled to find people to work for them so they come up with a drastic solution of increasing the minimum wage to $15 - $17 per hour. THIS IS GOOD! I'm honestly impressed with this decision they made even if this only applies to corporate stores which are 5% of the total stores here... Continue Reading →

Cheap Stores in America

YES! I do love shopping and shopping is addictive. The worst is that you can get broke by just going to Target or Kohls and it's a good thing that I don't really shop there. There are amazing alternatives out there that I wish I knew existed before I spent so much money on Goodwill.... Continue Reading →

Things to do in America

Today, I will share you some of the things I did while I’m waiting for my Employment ID and my 2-year Green Card. For an immigrant like me, hindi ako pwedeng basta basta magwork dito without it because if you did, it means you’re working illegally and it can seriously affect your immigration status so... Continue Reading →

SMULE Gifting and how it works

How do you show your appreciation to your favorite Smule singer? By hearting/liking their music video, sharing it to your friends and family or by giving them these cute animated GIFs or stickers as a gift? Today we’re gonna be talking about the “gifting” options on Smule and let's find out of this is worth... Continue Reading →

What is a God Parent?

This is the first Christmas na wala ako sa Pinas and this might be my longest post ever so forgive me. Heads up, this goes out to everybody. Generalizing in other words. So I've been thinking a lot lately and trying to figure out my role as a godfather to my inaanaks, like seriously. I... Continue Reading →

Reaction Videos???

Wazzup everyone! Yeah, that's how I always start my reaction video when I was on the hype of making one. Yup, isa ako sa kanila and I got to admit, it was fun until one day... This is not click bait, okay? I just want to share my experience sa paggawa ng reaction videos. Honestly,... Continue Reading →

Free Time!

Free time. Hm... what if you have free time to do things you want and things you don't want to do? And when I say free time, I mean a time where you can have a year of vacation! YES!!! You have all the resources you need which include, high-speed internet, high-end gadgets, unlimited gas... Continue Reading →

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