How to look for a JOB in America

Looking for a job in America is a bit different than looking for a job in the Philippines. You can possibly get a job by walking inside a store or a company and ask if they are hiring but most of the time, you need to apply online. Actually, after you enter the store or... Continue Reading →

Things to do in America

Today, I will share you some of the things I did while I’m waiting for my Employment ID and my 2-year Green Card. For an immigrant like me, hindi ako pwedeng basta basta magwork dito without it because if you did, it means you’re working illegally and it can seriously affect your immigration status so... Continue Reading →

Reaction Videos???

Wazzup everyone! Yeah, that's how I always start my reaction video when I was on the hype of making one. Yup, isa ako sa kanila and I got to admit, it was fun until one day... This is not click bait, okay? I just want to share my experience sa paggawa ng reaction videos. Honestly,... Continue Reading →

Free Time!

Free time. Hm... what if you have free time to do things you want and things you don't want to do? And when I say free time, I mean a time where you can have a year of vacation! YES!!! You have all the resources you need which include, high-speed internet, high-end gadgets, unlimited gas... Continue Reading →

My Life in America

"He also asked me to always live in the moment, be thankful for all of the things that I have and don't have and talk to my friends whenever I feel like I need a hug. Then I realize, I am home. Wherever my husband is where my home is." Hello everyone and welcome to,... Continue Reading →

K1 VISA Challenge

Finally at the airport! ❤ One of the most exciting and exhausting days of my life... My husband and I have been together for nearly four years now and finally, we are on our way to being together forever. There are ups and downs like any other heterosexual relationship, and the most painful part is... Continue Reading →

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